Vector (EPS/SVG) or Bitmap (PNG)

Choosing which download is right for you
(Vector or PNG)

Vector (EPS/SVG)
If you want to be able to alter, scale, recolor or reorder the design objects then the best choice is EPS/SVG format. You will need vector software such as InkScape which is freeware (SVG) or Illustrator (EPS) which is a commercial package. When using vectors you are able to scale the vector to the size you like without any loss of detail and export it later to PNG or JPG. More information on vectors at wikipedia (-Link-). A list of vector software (-Link-)


Bitmap (PNG)
For people who don’t have any understanding of vectors and only want to use a design or background instantly the best choice is PNG. You can’t recolor or reorder the elements in the drawing but you can still add things to it (graphical objects or text) or when the PNG has a transparent background you can cut and paste the objects into your designs. There is enoumerous software which can be used for altering PNG images such as Gimp (Freeware), Photoshop, Coreldraw,… More information on bitmap at wikipedia (-Link-).



  1. Kevin S said,

    hi,, I loved your designs. Please kindly contact me.


  2. gieseguy said,

    love your designs. do you offer an expanded license for those of us
    in the graphic industry.
    Admin edit: Please contact me by email for further information.

  3. joe said,

    Great designs,very informative. thanks

  4. Fred Michel said,

    Well I use Fireworks PNG, it’s just like Eps :). I know not many peple use it but your EPS files work perfectly with the software :).

  5. Rachmat said,

    Your blog is always give me some inspiration. Color Combination and new concept for my design. Thanks a lot for share a lot of stuff here.

  6. onnx said,

    excellent! thanks!

  7. alireza said,

    can you degin a music cover for our”s group?
    this is my mail and yahoo messenger
    contact to me dear

  8. Taren said,

    Good day! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to
    new updates.
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