Time for Climate Justice

October 2, 2009 at 10:50 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

For well over a hundred years, people, governments and companies have been emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, regardless of the consequences.

Now these consequences have caught up with us and are all too plain to see. Climate change isn’t just something to worry about in the future. It’s the ‘here and now’ and everyone is paying a high price: some more than others – especially the poor, the young and those without a voice to protest: all innocent victims of an increasingly alarming situation.

Join the fight for climate justice and download this free song made by 60 famous singers.

By downloading this song you automatically sing the petition which will be handed over to the world leaders.



  1. Tim said,

    I’m sorry to say that MANMADE climate change does not exist. It’s NOT clear to see that it exists, not at all. What about “Climategate?”

    The data which you base your assumptions on is all false. You’ve been lied to. I am sorry.

  2. neoMagic said,

    Tim is absolutely right. World leaders are hiding us from the truth in order to move people in the directions they want. What would happen if anyone continues to emit CO2 gasses? Nothing special; nature can handle it.
    And what about the melting ice? What they don’t tell you is that is a yearly ritual, nothing special about it. It has something to do with summer/winter.

  3. Uma Sumeros said,

    Mother Nature might be able to handle the chemicals that industry and consumers are pouring into the atmosphere, but unfortunately, our physical bodies don’t have the same resources.

    Between the chemicals in the air, water and food, our bodies are getting whacked. You don’t need the government to tell you; just take a look around. For starters, notice the rise in obesity in children and adults, which is leading the American population to a Type 2 Diabetes health crisis in the next decade.

    What’s even scarier for me, is the lack of attention to the behaviorial changes that is going on as a result of the combination of these factors. Add unhealthy stress to the mix and the number of ticking human time bombs just continue to increase.

    When are we going to address and accept the relationship between what goes into the body via food, air and water along with the impact of an overload of noise and light on humans that has been proven to affect behavior and health?

    Rather than focus on abstract concepts, I wonder if more people have the courage to solve the real problems of the pollutions that are affecting us daily that is based on concrete evidence.

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