Leaves On Curly Branches Vector

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_Vector - Leaves on Curly Branches Prev by DragonArt

Leaves on curly branches in different color designs, useful as invitation, announcement or backdrop for your designs. Included in the png archive are four hi-res images ready to use. See all previews and download links further this post. Have fun using!

Format: 3 eps/svg, 5 png
Resolution: png @ 550dpi (7639×7639)
Size: 2,7 Mb (Vectors Only) /  9,2 Mb (PNG Only)

Download @ DragonArtz.net

Previews (Click to see fullsize)

_Vector - Leaves on Curly Branches CS by DragonArt


  1. N said,

    Your work is just phenomenal – we need more kind and generous – not to mention TALENTED and creative people like you! Thanks for being SO giving!

    I have been looking for things to use that are from the 60’s like peace signs and all – not sure if you take “requests” but maybe something to think about. 🙂

    But please keep up the great work! I come here ALL the time when I cannot find what I am looking for and ALWAYS find what I need here.


    God Bless!

    admin edit: Thx, we will keep your request in mind 😉

  2. Janine said,

    Thank you! This is exactly what I have been looking for! You are very talented!

  3. elaine said,

    i am interested with this design but how can i download this design? Do i need to pay anything? how much? how

    admin edit: You can download my work for free and use it within the creative commons non-commercial attribution share-alike license for personal and non-commercial purposes only.

  4. nas said,

    i LOVE your work and the fact that it’s free just makes you a phenomenal person!! thank you so much and i’ll be using your design for my invitation – with credit of course!!

  5. Jane B said,

    Your work is beautiful! Such nice accents and flair to add, thank you!

  6. Gabriel said,

    Thanks! Very helpfull!

  7. N Nguyen said,

    Very beautiful artworks! I’ve downloaded some of them for my young adult worship services. Thank you for sharing them with us. You are truly blessed!

  8. sahilneu2005 said,

    Really NICE/

  9. rosa said,

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! Thaks for shsring your art!! It’s gorgeous!!

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