Toy Locomotive Vector

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Vector - Toy Locomotive 01 by DragonArtVector - Toy Locomotive 12 by DragonArt
Toy locomotive in different colors with wagons carrying goods and the alphabet and numbers. Useful as clipart for your website, blog, scrapbook or for a school project. Print, cut and let your kids enjoy learning the alphabet. Make simple words or place them in the correct order. See all previews further this post. Have fun using!

Format: 1 eps/svg, 53 png
png @ 550dpi (7369×7369)
Size: 1,4 Mb (Vector) / 11 Mb (PNG)

Download @

Preview (Click to see fullsize)
_Vector - Toy Locomotive CS by DragonArt


  1. aizen said,


    ive been searching for this kind of file for a long time.. thanks anyway!🙂

  2. Sheila said,

    Totally cool! Thank you again!

  3. deldobuss said,


  4. Keryn said,

    Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous train.

  5. desisonia said,

    creative!! what software did u use?

  6. leelo said,

    Thank you so much!

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