Filmstrips Vector

August 10, 2009 at 3:16 pm (backgrounds, cards, clipart, eps, png, silhouettes, svg, vector) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

Vector - Filmstrips 06 by DragonArt

Vector - Filmstrips 02 by DragonArt

Filmstrips, frames for your pictures and photo’s, two women silhouettes,… Included in the archive are transparent png’s ready to use. See all previews further this post. Have fun using!

Format: 1 eps/svg, 10png
Resolution: png @ 550dpi (7639×7639)
Size: 11Mb (Vector Only) / 15Mb (PNG Only)

Download @

Preview (Click to see fullsize)
_Vector - Filmstrips CS by DragonArt


  1. Daniela said,

    i like very much, thank you for to share this and congratulations-

  2. pep30 said,

    so beautiful…!

  3. felipe said,

    Muchas Gracias!

  4. Wayan Parmana said,

    great design..i like it…the gradient looks so smooth

  5. Marie said,

    Wow, nice!

    Thanks so much! =)

  6. Ramm said,


  7. wsm said,

    danke 😀

  8. Ned said,

    Great stuff, many thanks!

  9. jaguarpow said,

    Amazing! thanks for all

  10. Raposo said,

    thanks! Very good1

  11. Lulu said,

    Thanks!!! sooo beatiful!

  12. ricardo said,

    nossa parabens meu muito bom mesmo vcs estao de parabens arrebentaro

  13. Ti said,

    Thanks!!! I need it that so much…

  14. Reu said,

    nice work! 😀

  15. Rosidah Abidin said,

    Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  16. veronica said,


  17. lovie said,


  18. Raf DS, Belgium said,

    Thanks !
    Nice vectors !

  19. Mary said,

    Thanks so much. I like the clean lines.

  20. Mirian said,

    Very nice..I love it .
    how did u make to look perspective…what tool did u use, I am trying to learn making another one.
    If any one knows pls help me out.

  21. Jamie said,

    Thanks! This is just what I was looking for~

  22. ish said,

    Nice work, shame all the links are dead now 😦

  23. Edwin said,

    It’s very nice I like it, it’s very attractive design…

  24. Susan said,

    Thank you, fantastic design!

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