Zebra Art Vector

April 29, 2009 at 2:27 pm (animals, clipart, eps, nature, png, svg, vector) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , )

Detail of zebra head in different colors. See all previews further this post. Use it for a poster, as background, clipart, etc… Have fun using!
Format: 1 eps/svg, 4 png
Resolution: png @ 550dpi (7639×7639)
Size: 4Mb
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  1. Mungo said,

    Thank you, love this

  2. DF said,


  3. FJ said,

    Great images, you are very talented. the zebra is beautiful.

  4. Bruce Farra said,

    This is iconic! I incorporated the zebra head into larger artwork that will serve as the logo for a team of volunteers going to work with AIDS orphans Kenya in 2010. Thanks for letting us use it.

  5. yoemayala said,

    son grandiosos

  6. yoemayala said,

    son geniales

  7. nasi_art said,

    niceee 😀 good subject & great work!

  8. KJ said,

    LOVE THIS. Thank you very much for letting us use this!

  9. Julia said,

    This is fabulous! What beautiful work…

  10. heather said,

    Hi – thanks! I am starting a new business and dont know how it will do so testing the market. This goes with my business name – beyond zebra (a creative way of letting my customers know that I think “out of the box”. Obviously so do you! I love it!

  11. dorit said,

    Graphics at its best!
    dorit 🙂

  12. tinkerm said,


    Detail of zebra head in different colors. See all previews further this post. Use it for a poster, as background, clipart, etc… Have fun using!

    I make support and recovery graphics and wanted to know if this awesome zebra can be used on my gifts and changed meaning adding words of flowers around it ect:

    Thank you…

  13. 4x6 envelopes said,

    Stunning absolutely stunning. I keep coming back to look at it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. anycoloryoulike said,

    This is great! I really like this!

  15. Barbara Blackwell said,

    Hi, thanks for sharing your beautiful art. This is so crisp clean and distinctive. I plan to make an art quilt with the single image, making it about 3’x3′ with fabric and free motion quilting and embroidery. Hopefully I will be able to do justice to your original design and make something worth sharing in return. Barb.

  16. Isha said,

    This is very clever how you have done this!!

  17. Pollyanna said,

    Just wonderful
    Thank you for making beautiful art

  18. sara said,

    this is cool but kinda of stupid at the same time you are stupid if you made this wbsite

  19. Henna said,

    I love your zebra. Very, very cool, and very stylish.

    Thanks for this!

  20. arsyadvilla said,

    what a beautiful image. thanks. very inspiring.

  21. Carol Haigh said,

    Thanks you for this. I have used it a the background image for my blog – research zebra. It encompasses exactly what the blog is trying to say.

  22. christine said,

    hey my school’s having a coffee house to support suicide prevention, and art is goign to auctioned off to raise funds for it. and im using this image as a template for one im going to make with india ink. and auction off at the event.. thanks 🙂

  23. an1search said,

    i will use this design to Rule the World!!! Mu Ha Ha Ha…..

  24. ani said,

    hi it is so good but i think i saw this after week in one galery in Sofiq

  25. michelle said,

    I love this zebra print. can I use it and how much do you need for it ?

  26. Eugene said,

    I love this fabulous image – but the download link isn’t on anymore.
    Please forward this fabulous image to me at: justdoit@tut.by
    Thanks a million!

  27. preethi said,


  28. Kwesi Boakye said,

    Thank you for this! Im goin to use the vector as an artwork for a mixtape I’m working on called “Zebra.”

  29. ahmed said,


  30. ichbinsjulia987 said,

    Love it!

  31. Jenny said,

    Thanks you so much for sharing. I hoping to use the image to make cards to raise money for the local primary school in aid of their Zambian exchange program. If that’s OK with you?

    Many Thanks…

  32. Wendi said,

    Wow! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  33. Marianna said,

    thanx alot ) i’m gonna use it to test different kinds of contrasts, as a study exersice.

    It is so beautiful!

  34. James said,

    HI!! Love it… Question for you. I run farm tours on my farm in BC and the star attraction is our four Burchell’s Zebras. Would you give me permission to use your black/white print on our welcome sign? I’d be happy to display the artist information…

  35. chelsey said,

    i think you should make more but of a diffirent kind of animal

  36. Hayley Horne said,

    I love this So Much! I was just trawling the internet looking for ideas for a piece of art (and it is definately art), for my newly painted bathroom! I am going (try) to recreate this using paint on my tiles!! Wish me luck and thank you very much x

  37. Broes van Iterson said,

    4 years later and still amazing! thanks

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