United States Flag Background Vector

March 18, 2009 at 3:41 pm (backgrounds, eps, png, svg, symbols, vector) (, , , , , , , , , )

United States flag concept background in eight different designs. Preview of all further this post. Have fun using!
Format: 1 eps/svg, 8 png
Resolution: png @ 550dpi (7639(7639)
Size: 4Mb (Vector Only) / 20Mb (PNg Only)
Vector Only
Download from Depositfiles

PNG Only
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Preview (Click to see fullsize)


  1. T-Law said,

    I love your works 😉

  2. ahmed said,

    thank you very great work

  3. United States Flag Background Vector « Best Vector Gallery said,

    […] United States Flag Background Vector Click here to cancel reply. […]

  4. ozz said,

    very cool, tanks!

  5. Jennifer said,

    This is fantastic! How do I attribute this? I would like to use it as a background on a flyer. Can I lighten the colors?

  6. Angel said,

    I would like to use it for a business card and brochure since China does not allow the word USA on them. I want to use your design instead. Very nice work!

  7. Monica said,

    What a great American design- it’s so versitile. I would like to use this for Student Council stuff…. thank you!

  8. Gary said,

    Your US flag art is awesomely American!!!

  9. Andrew said,

    Awesome vector work! The only thing that sucks is that it is an American flag.. oh well. Not too huge on patriotism. Definitely a great design though.

  10. Reah said,

    Thanks a lot 🙂 They are really beautiful

  11. Eric said,

    Very talented! You have great stuff. I wish you the very best! God bless!

  12. Jili said,

    Very artistic and very musical. I would like to use it for a ppt background.

  13. david said,

    great work fellows!

  14. Denise said,

    Awesome. I appreciate the time you took to create this. Keep up the great work!!

  15. A Anand said,

    Thank you very much, I hope you are alright with me using this for a flyer. I will add my e-mail in case you have an problems with that.

  16. prescriptiondrugads said,


    Your work is so inspiring! I’m going to use it as the background of my flier with some modification.

  17. Chelsea said,

    Love it, thanks so much!

  18. Kitti Lim said,

    They are awesome!Thank you for creating such a wonderful work.

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