Honeycomb Background Vector

March 2, 2009 at 11:46 am (backgrounds, eps, png, svg, vector) (, , , , , )

Honeycomb backgrounds in several colors. Use them as background for a flyer, cd cover or poster. The PNG’s are split into 3 packs for your convenience. Vectors can be downloaded seperatly. See previews of png and vectors further this post. Have fun using!
Format: 1 eps/svg, 23 png
Resolution: png @ 550dpi (7639×7639)
Size: 35Mb (PNG Pack1) / 37MB (PNG Pack2) / 34MB (Png Pack3) / 6,8Mb (Vector Only)

Vector Only
(See preview further this post)
Download from Depositfiles

PNG Only (See previews for images in particular pack)
Pack1 | Download from Depositfiles
(35 Mb)
Pack2 | Download from Depositfiles (37 Mb)
Pack3 | Download from Depositfiles (34 Mb)
Pack 1,2 & 3 | Download from Rapidshare (107 Mb)

Preview Pack1 (Click to see fullsize)

Preview Pack2 (Click to see fullsize)

Preview Pack3 (Click to see fullsize)

Preview Vector Only (Click to see fullsize)


  1. T-Law said,

    Thanks 😉

  2. Crasnaru Razvan said,

    the best

  3. cc2705 said,


  4. Primmy said,

    Your talent and generosity are outstanding. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. jo said,

    es un lujo esta pagina!

  6. Jennifer said,

    Thank you, The images are the so beautiful!

  7. Byron said,

    Thanks for share it!

  8. Andreas - Sweden said,

    this is great! thanx!!

  9. swathi said,


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