Golden Coins Graphics

February 13, 2009 at 4:18 pm (clipart, png) (, , , , , , , )

Five 3D graphics of golden coins. See previews of all five images further this post. Can be used for articles concerning money, income, taxes, etc… Have fun using!
Format: 5 Png
Resolution: Various (2670×1974…4000×3400)
Size: 12,8Mb
Download from Depositfiles
Download from Rapidshare

Preview of all images (click to see fullsize)


  1. Mert said,

    great thanks!

  2. —Keith— said,

    I modified a single coin stack for a presentation for a non-profit i am helping.

    Thanks for making great stuff available!


  3. Robyn said,


  4. Karen said,

    Excellent site, with truly beautiful artwork. Thank you so much for your generosity.

    Regards, Karen

  5. Valareos said,

    Check the URL to see what i developed using this graphic 😀 (just proof of concept pictures at the moment, thanks for a great stack

  6. secretos de google said,

    WOW, thanks, awesome!

  7. Steve Garrett said,

    Since I can find no way to contact you I realize I must leave a post with hope! I downloaded your ‘coin’ images for use on a poster and possible cards, but since your license states ‘personal and non-commercial use’ that leaves me having images that can’t be used until I hear back from you!! If need be and when I can afford it, I’ll come back and see what the cost is to use them as a commercial use for posters, plus. Not a major amount, but one or two poster designs and maybe the same in cards. Just to make a statement mostly about ‘greed’!!

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