Ecology Vector Set2

August 12, 2008 at 12:49 am (clipart, eps, icons, nature, png, svg, symbols, vector) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

22 vectors with ecology in mind. Ready to use with the included png’s.
Format: 1 eps/pdf/svg, 2 png
Resolution: 2 png @ 300dpi (3985×4073)
Size: 3,8Mb zipfile
Download from: Depositfiles | Rapidshare


  1. Delphine Dumont said,

    Great ! Really useful, thanks !

  2. Dos colecciones de ilustraciones vectoriales sobre ecología » Cosas sencillas said,

    […] Ecology Vector Set2. Coloección de 22 ilustraciones sobre la ecología. El tamaño del archivo ZIP es de 3,8 Mb. Se puede descargar desde: Depositfiles o Rapidshare. […]

  3. Nana said,


  4. Ícones ecológicos | Avante! said,

    […] clique aqui para pegar o seus […]

  5. GoDaddy said,

    Are we free to use these on websites? I am building a new environment site, and these are perfect…amazing work!

    Admin Edit
    You are free to use these for your environment site.
    Thanks for your comment.

  6. drjackola said,

    you rock! you came up in my illustrator class, we all agree that you’re the best.

  7. drjackola said,

    Now I sound like I’m trying to flatter you since I just posted that, but I’m working on putting together a poster for a presentation to encourage school districts to use energy efficient lighting and I’d like to use some of the imagery from this, may I?

  8. orionrecycling said,

    Thanks! I am planning on using some of these – very grateful!

  9. Iconos vectoriales ecológicos « websenior said,

    […] Ecology Vector Set2 […]

  10. Matt Stanford said,

    Hi, I’d like your permission for commercial use of one of these icons please. I tried sending an email to the address on the right, but it bounced. Please contact me for details of our intended use.

    Love your work!


  11. Ishrath said,

    Thank you so much for sharing such lovely images. I would like to use one image out of your eco set for our environment website. Once I do, I will let you know of the article and will link back to your website. Please continue your great work… and keep us inspired. Good luck.

  12. Kiwi said,

    Very good job i like those eco sets you make.
    Keep up the good work.

  13. gayle said,

    thanks a lot! it really helps me so much for my wedding layout. more power to you! this is such a good work!

  14. Cat said,

    just happen to fall on your website and you have nice art/graphic work!!! love looking at it!!! super nice!!

  15. Rodrigo said,

    Hello, I love your leaf logos. Though I find difficult to give the stalk some continuity inside the leaf.

    Admin edit: thx for your comment.

  16. pete said,

    nice site very creative.

  17. Gráfica verde | said,

    […] Ecology Vector Set 1 (DragonArtz Designs) Ecology Vector Set 2 (DragonArtz […]

  18. ecorightconstruction said,

    Ecology Vector Sets 1 & 2 are exactly what I have been looking for! You have a knack for catching the essence of things simply.

    I would love to use a few of these for my website and brochures, possibly other advertising. Let me know your requirements.

    I’m a fan!

  19. janon said,

    very nice work !
    i mean amazing !!!

  20. ankit said,

    great work
    thanks for sharing…

  21. free vector arts said,

    really good stuff

  22. 35 Most Useful FREE Vectors to Kick Start 2009 | Vectordiary said,

    […] 9. Ecology Vector Set2 […]

  23. Ed said,

    Hi there!

    Great work!

    Can I include some of your art work within a flyer for a non commercial ‘climate neutral’ school event?

    Cheers, Ed

    admin edit: Sure, All my work is available for free within the creative commons non-commercial license agreement. enjoy!

  24. Patrick said,

    If I wan to purchase for commercial use – how and how much.

    thanks – love the work

  25. Razor said,

    You are the man, congrats and thank you very much for your site and your art, greeting!! 😀

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