Religious Symbols Vector Set #1

August 4, 2008 at 4:43 pm (clipart, eps, png, svg, symbols, vector) (, , , , , , )

First set of approximately 25 religious symbols sometimes in different styles making a total of 65 vector symbols in this set. Ready to use with the included png files (white and transparent background).
Symbols included in this set:
Triquetra, Christian Ankh, Ankh, Jesus Fish (Ichthus), Cross Lorraine, Jerusalem Cross, Hexagram, Triple crescent, Baha’i, Yin Yang, Jain Hand, Omkar, Greek Cross, Solar cross, Dharma wheel, Torii Gate, Star & Crescent, Mother Earth, Khanda, Lotus, …
Format: 1 eps/pdf/svg, 2 png
Resolution: png @ 300dpi (4046×4111)
Size: 3,8Mb
Download from : Depositfiles | Rapidshare


  1. yuji said,

    great thank you
    next “yoga and meditation”?

  2. Edd said,

    a beautiful collection thanks alot, keep up the amazing work!

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  4. Lucy said,

    I aquired an Anku – it has many symbols on it – many people stop me to view it – I’ve tried for many years to discover the meaning behind the symbols – is there a good site I should check out or book to discover what these symbols mean.

  5. Darren said,

    Lucy here is a site with some of the symbols on

  6. devx said,

    thank you for making this available for free. your hardwork is appreciated.

  7. ColbertWatcher said,

    Thank you. I was looking for a simple “Jesus” fish on google and your web page turned up the best one.

    Well done.

  8. Mia said,

    Thank you this was just what I needed!

  9. Meecee said,

    Your work is greatly appreciated…..Thanks!!!

  10. Mags, ADSD Owner said,

    Very cool vector shapes! Can’t wait to work with them! THX so much!!

  11. karan said,

    this is sooooooo cooooooollll

  12. JR Rodgers said,

    Thank you so much for the time and talent… and thank you for making it available for all to see and use. I wonder if you could include Unitarian Universalism symbol in your Religious Symbol collection. Thanks again.

  13. Anbiya said,

    jelek semuanya kecuali islam

  14. raj said,

    thanks for khanda (symbol of sikh religion )
    great work . it is vary useful for who study about world religious .

  15. Kori said,

    thanx for the gud wallpapers, greatly appreciate it!!

  16. Divyanshu Shekhar said,

    nice image/////////

  17. Elisa said,

    GRACIAS !!! ; )

  18. Roxan said,

    I lov symbols! I often with i could draw but not in this life! lol i think the person or people who draw these are very lucky and very good.

  19. becky said,

    u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. lenne said,

    what is the sign or religon symbol to the right of ankh? it looks like 2 t’s. please email me back. thank you

  21. Winifred said,

    Your gift is a blessing for all! Thank you !!!

  22. olamilekan said,

    u guiys are gods,your work is so catching

  23. SEN said,

    Wow! its really good . Thanks and keep up your good work……….

  24. pat said,

    what is the symbol below the pentagram id like to know please email me if you know

    admin edit: I can’t remember, maybe you’ll find it at wikipedia (

  25. games said,

    Yes !! It nice,Thanks ++

  26. Maddy said,

    what is tha spiky red cross evil looking thing

  27. amanda said,

    Once again you have come through for me with a vector that I need. Thanks!

  28. jassi 0422182984 said,

    thanks for helping me ……………. i was looking for these symbols for a long time…
    thanks again……….

  29. Phillip said,

    What is the top left symbol, 3 moons that intersect.

  30. Alex said,

    what is the 6th row on the end called?

    Admin edit: I have forgotten, maybe someone else can help you out.

  31. David Jenkins said,

    thank you so very much! just what i’m after to complete an interfaith group logo..

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