Religious Symbols Vector Set #1

August 4, 2008 at 4:43 pm (clipart, eps, png, svg, symbols, vector) (, , , , , , )

First set of approximately 25 religious symbols sometimes in different styles making a total of 65 vector symbols in this set. Ready to use with the included png files (white and transparent background).
Symbols included in this set:
Triquetra, Christian Ankh, Ankh, Jesus Fish (Ichthus), Cross Lorraine, Jerusalem Cross, Hexagram, Triple crescent, Baha’i, Yin Yang, Jain Hand, Omkar, Greek Cross, Solar cross, Dharma wheel, Torii Gate, Star & Crescent, Mother Earth, Khanda, Lotus, …
Format: 1 eps/pdf/svg, 2 png
Resolution: png @ 300dpi (4046×4111)
Size: 3,8Mb
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