2 Experimental Wallpapers

June 6, 2008 at 8:37 pm (experimental, wallpapers) (, , , , )

Firelines @ 1600×1200

Flowers @ 1600×1200

FireLines @ 1024×768 – Download
Flowers @ 1024×768Download


  1. guru said,

    Thanks a lot.its great work.

  2. Ruby said,

    Hi…I just started using the Flowers background on my Stumbleupon page and have received a number of compliments. This is just the kind of thing I’ve been looking for, a little colour around the outer edges and a black background.
    Thanks so much!

  3. gianna said,

    thank you so much i just love your wallpapers i have the flowers on my background and everyone just love’s it, fantastic work 🙂

  4. goan said,


    lov it!

  5. Rezaey said,

    wow ! wonderful …. & Happy new year .

    From my beloved IRAN
    1000 Times thanks

  6. priyanka said,

    gud work..

  7. Julian said,

    Dude, nice work. I just used the Firelines background for my youtube channel, and IT ROCKS!!

  8. Bala said,


  9. Ally said,

    wonderful! Thank you!

  10. asara is lietuvos said,

    gaidys kazkos o gal ir visai nieko?

  11. asara is lietuvos said,

    labai grazu

  12. santosh shelwate said,

    I have no word for this. It’s absolutely fantastic keep it up.
    God bless you > santosh ad

  13. rajesh(+919966627266) said,

    really…..its superb

  14. Aisha said,

    how r uuuuuuuuuuu

  15. Katy said,

    Love the wallpapers!

  16. Sowral said,

    i like your wallpapers very much.I will use both firelines and flowers alternatively.this is what i expected with the wallpapers,and you have satisfied it.Thanks a lot ,really its a fantastic work…..

  17. MERTENS said,

    very nice work. minimalistic

  18. babyboo said,

    thats hot

  19. vc said,

    Wow! Gorgeous.

  20. Lisa said,

    Loved the flowers!! Going to use it as a background.

  21. har-tie said,

    nice wallpaper

  22. muneerkasri said,


  23. BILAL KHAN said,


  24. patricia said,

    hey hey

  25. Mak Khan said,

    Hi, hello every body. How are you .You are very great man. This wallpaper is very wonderfull. I like this wallpaper and i am very happy to put this wallpaper on my back ground.Very wonderfull picture. You are great.

  26. emz said,

    ……….great work……. thanks!.

  27. theredel said,

    Wow man! it’s amazing! Congratulations

  28. Pan Smith said,

    Dude, wow. I just loaded this spark paper on my screens and now I feel like I’m in the club. Well done, very inspiring. /;>)

  29. angelina said,

    nice wallpaper…thx^^

  30. Darlene said,

    These wallpapers are gorgeous!!!!

  31. Antreas said,

    cool wallpaper firelines i have it on 3 pc s
    i wonder if is on bigger size?

  32. neetr said,

    WOW firelines is AMAZING!!

  33. rajesh rohan said,

    its nice.. & u shud try 2 mak it sum beautiful pic’s….

  34. Romey said,

    I just came upon your site by accident, it is fabulous.
    Keep it up.


  35. Alok said,


  36. Masegacu said,

    Wow… Amazing job. I was searched experimental pictures, and I founded yours. There are great, and amazing. Gorgeous!

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