Classy Banners Set1

April 18, 2008 at 2:37 pm (clipart, eps, jpg, office, png, vector) (, , , , , , , , , , )

The first set of 8 classic and classy banners. can be used on different backgrounds, though the PNG file is white background only. If you like it, please comment. Thx.
Format: EPS, PDF, PNG
Size: 4Mb
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Download from Depositfiles


  1. Lee said,

    Very ‘classy’…great job. Like the quality.

  2. azmoaore said,

    Very amazing work
    good job 😀


  3. Appz-N-Warez said,

    Thank you very much for the article. 🙂

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  6. Qvectors said,

    very stylish 🙂

  7. Corey Roth said,

    I really like these banners. ^_^ They are quite excellent.

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  10. Amar said,

    Hi, i live in France from Reims (capitale of Champagne)
    Thank you for you great job.

    some words in french :

    Bravo pour votre excellent travail. Merci infiniment.

    C’est avec des gens comme vous que le web est humain et solidaire
    (il n’est pas uniquement marchand).

    Je vais les conserver pour des travaux futurs.

  11. Bob said,

    crap 😀

  12. jebon said,

    I love it.

  13. Ana said,

    I love these. I used one on my site. Thanks again.

  14. Timmy said,

    These banners suck!!

    Added by Admin:
    …please be a lil more specific, since a lot of peeps give good comments, thanks.

  15. Random Person said,


  16. Dragon Horn said,

    Thank you for such well designed and professional artwork.

    I used one on my website.



  17. Stefani said,

    Love your work and thanks for making so much of it available to all of us!

    I used one of these banners on a personal beer label for my husband and he loves it.

    Keep up the great work!


  18. Naomi said,

    Would you mind if I used these banners in a project as long as I give credit where it’s due? If so thank you.


    Admin edit
    You are free to use these in your project.
    Thanks for your comment.

  19. Alfie said,

    Great banners!! Thanks mate!!

  20. Rich said,

    Great Banners. If you don’t mind, I would like to use it as part of a logo for my poker club website. How would you like to be credited for your work. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  21. Block Paving said,

    fantastic banners which are well designed and very professional

  22. Rosa said,

    Very professional and well done. I’m considering using this on carton I’m designing. Is this o.k. to use?

  23. Designamon said,

    Great Banners…..exactly what i was looking for 🙂

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  25. Luke said,

    fantastic, quality was almost too good so i had to “rough them up” a bit 🙂

  26. Ed said,

    beautifull, just what i was looking for, thanks

  27. Aronna said,

    It flows- I like it

  28. CLAUS said,


  29. said,

    Nice work.

  30. Jessica said,

    Great banners! Fabulous work. Do you mind if I use on a label?

    Admin Edit: No problem, go ahead and be creative.

  31. armandg said,

    thanks for nice banners ;D

  32. Glen said,

    great, I love your attentiion to detail.

  33. Glen said,

    great, I love your attention to detail.

  34. Esp said,

    Great work keep it up.

  35. Pamela said,

    Awesome work. Thank you so much!

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  37. Keith said,

    A very pretty job if I do say so, may I use these on my website?

    Admin edit: Sure, as long as it’s non-commercial.

  38. kurotashiO! said,

    Excellent! 😀

  39. Download Mp3 Kajian said,

    thanks for sharing it

  40. Masa said,

    thanks pal, U really are a life saver.

  41. siva said,

    It’s nice vector banner

  42. ryan said,

    Awesome work, very useful. Keep it up!

  43. Line said,


    I just wanted to know if I could use one of these in an online game I’m doing? It would be a commercial project, and I’m not sure where you stand on copyright and licences etc.? Don’t want to be sued to b*ggery!!!

    Thanks! Great work by the by! 🙂

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  45. said,

    How can I make these for brushes in gimp?

    admin edit: I don’t know, you should ask in a Gimp forum.

  46. =] said,

    This is awesome =] thx so much for making these,

  47. Judy Justin said,

    Love it…great job…

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  49. Julie said,

    Great work!!

  50. NATALIE KIN said,


    admin edit: sure, within the creative commons non-commercial license agreement.

  51. Prakash said,

    Itz grate, thanks so much for the amazing design.

  52. carlos said,

    First thanks for the free banners. They look great. I will say though they are a pain to edit. The gold lines at the edges of the banners are simply masked. If they were trimmed to the edge of the red banner rather than masked and looped all the way around itself they would be miles easier to edit. They worked for me so that’s fine.

  53. Benner said,

    Sweet Banners!

    Can definitely put these into use!

    King junk

  54. neethu said,

    i just lov ur work!!!!!

  55. luizsoto said,

    Great banners

  56. David said,

    Time saver, thank you!

  57. montree said,

    Cool banner

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